IES EPA Quad O certified combustors are designed and tested to greater than 99% destruction efficiency.


Care, experience, and rigorous quality inspection all lead to consistent quality you can trust. 


Cutting edge, industry leading design.  We combine decades of field experience with advanced engineering techniques.

Whether you need a combustor, flare, pipe skid, LACT unit, catwalks, cross-overs, structural equipment and skids, non-code vessels, or some other production equipment, we have a solution.  We will design and build your project and service the equipment we manufacture.

We are experts in the field of combustion science.

At IES, we are problem solvers.  Our innovative solutions developed by our very experienced engineering group are cost effective and efficient.  We build everything we sell and stand behind everything we build.  Call us to discuss your equipment needs today!


We stand behind all of our products and service what we sell.  At IES, integrity is one of our core values.